Brigitte Carnochan

Limited Edition | Platinum Palladium, Hand-Colored Silver Gelatin, and Archival Pigment Prints





Emily’s Garden



My goal in photography is to create a beauty in my images compelling enough to establish its own legitimacy—whether beauty as a concept is  in or out of fashion.  Fashions come and go, beauty stays. Beauty comes in many forms.  I am drawn to the perfection of the formal beauties inherent in the human body and in flowers because I find in them the embodiment of the spiritual. 

I print in silver or platinum/palladium to concentrate each image to its most abstract form—and then I often color it to energize it visually according to the sense of my own imagination.  I am moved by the ways in which the force of the imagination colors everyday life—creates, in fact, private views of experience, whether revealed in words or in images.

The imagination colors what we see—both literally and figuratively.  And seeing, of course, is everything in photography:  seeing—and light and shadow.  From a huge range of images we select certain ones—or pieces—from a certain perspective, with the light at a certain angle.  The colors we see are the result of the convergence of both optical and psychological circumstances at that point of encounter. At that ephemeral moment, I find the tension and the exhilaration in photography.