Peter Garfield

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Peter Garfield is an award winning advertising and editorial photographer, based in Washington, DC. His commercial clients include Boeing, General Electric, Westinghouse, Time-Life, and Verizon while his editorial work has appeared in U.S. News & World Report, Nation’s Business and The Washington Post Magazine.

After graduating from American University, Peter abandoned his degree in political science for a life in photography. He served as an Army photographer at the White House and as a combat photographer in Vietnam. Completing his military service, Garfield returned to Washington, D.C. to work for the Associated Press, establish a studio, and begin his commercial photography career.

Throughout the years, Peter has always maintained a relationship with his fine art. Perhaps influenced by his father’s best friend, the famous celebrity photographer Phillipe Halsman, Peter has continually sought to create intelligent and graphically strong images.

Peter has continued to develop portfolios from both in and outside of the studio. Most recently, his one man show at The Washington Center for Photography, Diapahnous Venus drew highly favorable reviews, most notably from the Washington Post. The images explore the relationship between the female form and the sensuality of flowing man-made materials and are influenced by the Greek concept of “aesthetic”.

The search for visual beauty in the power and mood of a weather front passing over the Grand Canyon, the impending crash of an individual ocean wave heading for the viewer, and crushed dying flowers are all an homage to the painter Auguste Renoir, who said, “A picture should be something likeable, joyous, and pretty. There are enough ugly things in life for us not to add to them.”